9000 Standard Image Wheel Aligner

Our most popular model in our image aligner line up. Offering a wheeled cabinet, which is great for storage of PC and printer. It is standard with motorized post and mini targets for ease of use and better vehicle coverage.

  • Post Movement: Motorized
  • Storage: Cabinet
  • Post Mounting: Fixed by Anchor bolt
  • Target: Mini
  • Wheel Clamp: 13" to 25"
  • Tire Clamp: Optional
  • Software: V45
  • Monitor: 23

Basic Parameters
Camera: Total2
Min. Installation Distance(mm)70"
Max. Installation Distance(mm)120"
Recommended Installation Distance(mm)110"
Software Version4.5
Operating SystemWindows 10
Functional Program
Super Toe/Toe+
Live Caster
Toe Curve
Laterial Difference
Ride Height Database Selection(BMW,Renualt,etc)
Romess Chassie Angle Database Selection (MB)
Ride Height Illustration Program
Quick Alignment Routine
Aided Drive-on
Multi Runout Selection
Spatial Dynamic
Multi-functional Assistant LED
Remote from iOS or Andriod
Auto Tracking
Quick Sweep
Tire Diameter
Swap Target without Calirbation Bar
Printout Format Selection
QR Scan for Remote Support on iOS/Andriod
Printout Format Selection
Romess Steering Central
Enhanced Database Spec with Code Protection
Import Shop Logo and Display on Report
Timer for Each Function
Wheel Clamp11 "-25 "
Monitor23 "
TargetMini Target